A game about watching commercials...
We'll Be Right Back is a game about being trapped in the liminal space of waiting for a commercial break to end. Any attempts you make at making the time pass faster are thwarted, as everything you touch is engulfed by static and no clips out of reality. Eventually everything but the TV becomes taken over by the static leaving the player to an unknown fate.
In this project I was only responsible for the scripting and the overall game concept. The actual room level was acquired from the Unreal Asset Store.
The Core Feature: Static

This effect was achieved using overlay materials in Unreal Engine. First a dynamic material is created with an opacity of 0% and set as the model's overlay material. Then this opacity value is lerped overtime to 100%. Once the opacity of the material hits 100% the model is whisked away and deleted off screen. 

Static Overload

After the player has attempted to interact with a number of items an event is triggered on all world items. This event causes any item the player has on their screen to be consumed by static and whisked away. This uses a node in Unreal that returns a bool depending on if an actor was recently rendered. And if it was the static logic previously mentioned will run.

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