GMU Blastmaster Battle is GMU's take on the classic Bomber-Man formula. This project was produced by a group around 40 people broken up into 4 teams. Programming, Design, Art, and Sound. The game features 4 distinct characters, 10 powerups, 3 levels, and a system that allows players to join or leave a match at any time.

For this project I was the lead programmer, responsible for delegation of tasks to other programmers, maintaining the codebase, providing guidance, and also communicating with other departments. 
Game Feature: Audience Cheer

The Audience in level 1 leverages DOTween and Coroutines to make them feel alive and random. These sprites always face the camera, and will react accordingly to a player elimination or a win. 

Fun Fact: Each sprite is a member of the dev team!
Game Feature: Bomb Explosions
Bomb explosions in GMU Blastmaster Battle are 4 directional and tile based. Bomb explosions are also latent allowing the explosion to visibly propagate.
Game Feature: Contextual Announcer Intro
The Round 0 intro of GMU Blastmaster Battle leverages DOTween for its camera movements. Announcer lines are also contextual to the player, noting their chosen character and player number.

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